November 2023

Welcome! Newsletter number 34.

No new review. I simply didn’t have the time. I have a title lined up, I hope I’ll get around to it next month!

Not much writing either except for the SAC. Wrote a little something for the latest issue of our members’ journal, Syndikalisten. Also gave a short speech on the “Day of Moral Courage” (Civilkuragets dag) commemorating SAC member Björn Söderberg, who was shot dead by Neonazis on October 12, 1999, after outing one of their companions among the union reps at his workplace.

I did facilitate an interview for the CrimethInc. portal with my friend Jonathan Pollak, who is facing yet another prison term in Israel for his protests against the occupation of Palestine – we literally wrapped up the interview on the day the Hamas attacks in southern Israel triggered the current war. Peculiar timing.

I wrote an article for analyse & kritik about the Swedish government’s intentions to use the military in fighting gangs (a big topic in Sweden).

I’m afraid that’s it for the past month. Besides the union job, traveling to the Workers’ Film Festival in Orsa, and catching up with non-job duties, there wasn’t all that much time for anything else. But I have very good news! The fine folks of Syndikat-A have stepped up to the plate and released the first of three volumes that will finally make Rudolf Rocker’s entire autobiography available in print. Long overdue. Congratulations!

More next month (can hardly get less). Stay safe!