April 2024

Welcome! Newsletter number 39.

This time, new review. I had a look at the updated edition of Claim No Easy Victories, an anthology honoring the Bissau-Guinean revolutionary Amílcar Cabral.

I traveled to Oslo in mid-March where I did two events (one about sports at Anarres bokkafé, one about all sorts of things at legendary Hjelmsgate), got interviewed for Gateavisa, visited the offices of the Klassekampen, and had numerous meetings with rank-and-file union activists. I also met with Sámi and climate activists at a demonstration outside the royal castle, as my visit coincided with a trial against some of the activists who had occupied the Norwegian oil and energy ministry in 2023 protesting the contentious wind parks on the Fosen peninsula. I wrote a short piece about it for Arbetaren. It was a good visit, and I hope that – speaking from a union perspective – we can maintain closer ties to rank-and-file labor organizers in the Nordic countries in the future. The neighborly connections are missing.

I wrote a couple of texts for the latest edition of the SAC’s members’ journal, Syndikalisten. One, about the historical connections between syndicalism and anarchism, might be of interest even to non-members (provided they are willing to read Swedish).

In German, I was asked to revisit academic discussions I once was indeed interested in (about thirty years ago). But it’s good to revisit them every now and again. I wrote about postanarchism for an anarchism series in the Linz-based magazine Die Referentin.

There’ve been kind references to my work here and there; the Spanish edition of Sober Living for the Revolution got 8 out of 10 stars in Mondo Sonoro, which doesn’t sound so bad (I can’t read the review).

Will travel to Austria in April. Hooray!

Stay safe.