March 2022

Welcome! Newsletter 15.

This month’s newsletter comes a bit early, as I’ll be leaving on a trip with the family but no computer. Still, there’s some stuff on offer. For example, a new review, this time of Peter Gelderloos’s latest book, The Solutions Are Already Here: Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below; the review is titled “Beyond Climate Capitalism”.

A new article on Sápmi in German was published in the Swiss street magazine Surprise. I interviewed Martin Stendel from Polar Portal (informing the public about Greenland’s ice sheet) and Nora Räthzel (one of the editors of Palgrave’s Handbook of Environmental Labour Studies) for junge Welt. I wrote about junge Welt’s 75th anniversary and the repression that the newspaper suffers at the hands of Germany’s federal domestic intelligence agency (Verfassungsschutz) for the Swedish magazine Arbetaren.

Other than that, there was plenty about sports in junge Welt due to the Winter Olympics being held in Beijing. A preview was followed by a round-up of the first weekend of competitions; then there was a look at unlikely participants as well as unlikely losers (and likely winners); a round-up of the first week of competitions, followed by a look at some of the most heart-warming stories from the games, and a summary of the surprising German success in the women’s cross-country skiing team races; finally, there was a sports-focused summary of the games as well as a brief political evaluation.

Still sticking to sports, I was invited to talk about soccer and radical politics on the Minor Compositions podcast in relation with the latest Minor Compositions book release: Kicks, Spits, and Headers. The Autobiographical Reflections of an Accidental Footballer, authored by former Italian professional and political radical Paolo Sollier. Originally released in 1976, this is the first English translation. Well worth checking out!

The April 2022 newsletter will be more substantial.

Stay safe!