April 2022

Welcome! Newsletter 16.

Last month, the newsletter was uploaded early due to travels with the family (they were great, thanks for the interest). This month, I’m right on time. However, I’ve started on a new monster translation (around 500 pages, but well worth it: Torkil Lauesen’s The Global Perspective: Reflections on Imperialism and Resistance shall be available in German in the fall), which left no extra room for a new review. On the other hand, there is extra room to highly recommend a new book release: Total Revolution? An Outsider History Of Hardline by Phoenix X Eeyore. I already recommended the text when it became available as a download online, but now it’s a proper book, ready to fill that punk hardcore shelf in your living room – where it really needs to be! It’s an extremely thorough look at one of hardcore punk’s most puzzling episodes, written by a person whose identity is not to be revealed, and published by a hugely successful author who didn’t reveal their identity either. It doesn’t get much more DIY than that. (Fun fact: Phoenix X Eeyore contributed artwork to X: Straight Edge and Radical Sobriety.)

So, what do I have to show for? First of all, I’ve become a filmmaker. That’s right, “Anarchism in 2 min 20 sec” was the ticket (I think it has something to do with Twitter?). The dear folks of the Anarchism Research Group Loughborough added my effort Anarchism and Sports to their series. I hesitated for a long time, but, in the end, it was great fun putting this together. A new career down the line? Who knows? For now, I still mainly stick to writing and translating.

Which brings me to last month’s junge Welt efforts: a summary of the Beijing Winter Paralympics, the Nordic Combined world cup season, and the Alpine skiing world cup season for the sports pages, an article related to the Danish colonization of Greenland for foreign affairs, and an interview with Evgeni Nikitin of the Migranti network (give it up for migrant workers’ – or any workers, for that matter – self-organization) for a page whose name I find impossible to translate into English. English readers can, however, consult the English version of the interview (including a bonus question!) on Counterpunch.

My article “Outplaying the Jocks: Punk and Sports” has been published in Italian in the magazine menelique.

If you’re in Copenhagen on April 21 and wanna have a chat, stop by at the event on the “Critique of Academic Marxism”, which I’ll be doing with Torkil Lauesen upon invitation of Copenhagen’s Institut for Marxistisk Analyse. The discussion will be based on our 2018 article “Radical Theory and Academia: a Thorny Relationship”.

I think that’s it. Gotta return to the monster translation.

Stay safe!