April 2023

Welcome! Newsletter 28.

Some months, there is a bit to tell; other months – not so much. Last month belongs to the latter category. However, I have an excuse, as I was mainly busy to wrap up a book in Swedish about politicant militants from Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina who, in the 1970s and 80s, came to Sweden as refugees from the military dictatorships in their homecountries. It’s been a great project to work on alongside Dharana, who I’ve collaborated with and who herself came to Sweden as a child to Tupamaros parents. There’ll be more to tell in the future, the book is supposed to come out in the fall, just before the 50th anniversary of the 1973 military coup in Chile.

There’s a new review, looking at a collection of writings by Don Hamerquist titled A Brilliant Red Thread.

In junge Welt, I added a summary of the Sámi protests in Oslo in late March/early April to the first report I wrote during the occupation of the ministry for oil and energy.

Sports writing for junge Welt: bans on Russian and Belarussian athletes (yes or no?), summary of the Nordic skiing world championships, Alpine skiing world cup finale, and a review of Fabian Sommavilla’s book 33 Sportereignisse, die die Welt veränderten.

I recommend På Hvitfeldtska bodde vi, a documentary film about the police siege on a Gothenburg school during the protests against the EU summit in the city in 2001. Infuriating, touching, funny – it’s got a lot, not least good friends among the protagonists.

And that, my friends, was it. It can only go uphill from here. May, here we come!

Stay safe!