September 2022

Welcome! Newsletter 21.

Last month, I was mainly busy finishing the German translation of Torkil Lauesen’s The Global Perspective, preparing a book for 2023 (which you should hear more about in the future), and traveling to Germany and Austria.

I don’t have much luck with my reviews for this blog. Last month, I received review copies of two releases, but neither led to a review, albeit for different reasons. One was one of them (all too many) academic anthologies with very interesting sounding titles but boring content. The other was a powerful book, Sasha LaPointe‘s Red Paint, but it was so personal that I didn’t feel comfortable reviewing it.

I wrote reviews of two German books for other outlets: for junge Welt, I wrote about Raphael Molter’s Friede den Kurven, Krieg den Verbänden, an appeal to soccer fans critical of “modern football” to get organized and do something; for the journal Contraste, I wrote about the anthology Erfahrung Rojava, which gathers accounts of solidarity work in the Kurdish Revolution. The latter has a header that stems from some earlier review in Contraste and was never changed, so it doesn’t make any sense at all, but you gotta take these things with good humor.

For junge Welt, I also wrote about the increasing geopolitical significance of the Arctic region and the art/sport of chessboxing. In addition, I interviewed Pia Tomedi, the Communist Party‘s frontrunner in the upcoming elections for the Tyrolean parliament, and Azad Heyderi, chairman of the Swedish section of Kurdocide Watch – CHAK. For analyse & kritik, I wrote another article about the Riddu Riđđu Festival (one was already published in junge Welt), this time focusing on international organizing among indigenous peoples.

And, well, that was that (I believe). The summers are quiet in Sweden. More soon. Stay safe!