September 2021

Welcome! Newsletter number 9.

Summer is ending (at least in Sweden). As announced, I took a break from the monthly book reviews, as few titles appear in the summer months. Soon enough, the reviews will return.

I didn’t work all that much in general. Even managed to leave Sweden for the first time in two years. Nice to get a bit of traveling in.

I did write one more article for junge Welt about the Tokyo Olympics, focusing on the (not very interesting) tennis competitions. Other than that, I only really made a small contribution to a debate about syndicalist strategy that is kind of Sweden/SAC-centered but also arouses the interest of international comrades, with the Anarcho-Syndicalist Review publishing a number of relevant pieces.

French journalist Giv Anquetil has released an hour-long radio feature about the situation in Sápmi. There was no place for the interview he did with me with regard to the book Liberating Sápmi, which is fine, except that I would have got a kick out of my rusty French hitting the airwaves. Perhaps there comes another chance. Giv referenced the book, however, which was kind. It was also used for a reading circle during an August gathering in Gállok organized by Kolonierna; since 2013, Gállok has been an important site of resistance against mining projects in Sápmi. I’m glad the book is of use in such contexts.

Recommendations: Ralf Ruckus’s book about China, The Communist Road to Capitalism, and built to rot, the latest EP by DREGS, straight edge hardcore punk from Vienna!

Back next month. Stay safe!