November 2022

Welcome! Newsletter 23.

I’m on a roll with the monthly reviews. This time, there’s a little something on Jon Melrod’s Fighting Times: Organizing on the Front Lines of the Class War.

Sports writing for junge Welt: American Football, Formula One, Asian Winter Games in Saudi Arabia, Rugby League „Festival of World Cups“, World Nomad Games, NHL, Alpine skiing (World Cup start), Stockholm Open (tennis), Inuit Games.

Other writing for junge Welt: new Swedish government (terrible), elections in Denmark (no government yet).

Now, even though one wouldn’t believe it, there are publications other than junge Welt in the German-speaking world, and, on occasion, I countribute to them. For example, I wrote a review of the book Vagabondage for the Vienna Museum Magazine.

In Swedish, I wrote an article for Arbetaren about a still divided Germany, 32 years after reunification. Also for Arbetaren, I collaborated with Amalthea Frantz on a response to Rasmus Hästbacka, the SAC‘s chief ideologue (don’t tell him that I said that).

My translation of Torkil Lauesen‘s The Global Perspective into German is now available under the ingenious title Die globale Perspektive.

Early in October, I was invited to do a talk about “Frantz Fanon Through an Anarchist Lens” at Stockholm’s Nattsvart Verkstad. I’m not sure I had anything to say that the audience was interested in, but it gave me an excuse to reread Fanon and dig deep into the bottomless world of internet gems where I found Cornel West discussing Fanon at a Revolution Books event (who knew that the man loves Bob Avakian?).

Late in October, I went to the Amsterdam Anarchist Bookfair to table for PM Press. First time I did a PM table in years, and it turned out to be great: I met plenty of old friends and comrades as well as new ones, the vibes were good, there was a steady stream of visitors, and the organization was stellar. If you weren’t there this time, put it in the calendar for 2023!

Self-flattery anyone? We’re all human. I was glad to see that my straight edge books got a stamp of approval in a comprehensive straight edge book list in the Album der Woche fanzine.

Finally, the feminist magazine an.schläge in Vienna, an impressive 40 years old, is struggling financially (paper and printing is getting more expensive while public funds are drying up, welcome to 2022). Check their website and see if it’s time for a subscription.

Winter is coming. Hooray! (No irony.) Stay safe!