January 2022

Welcome! Newsletter 13. Heading into year number 2 with this blog. Hooray!

I realize I don’t have many new publications to offer. It seemed like I was busy during the last month, but sometimes you work on things that will only be published later, and earlier work might not have been published this particular month, and … well, there you go, little show for.

I do have a new review up, however. It’s titled “Green, Left and Right”, and takes a look at Peter Staudenmaier’s Ecology Contested. Unlike the book I got lost month (and never reviewed), this one was very good!

There are also some new articles from the sports pages of junge Welt: one about Degerfors IF, the football club from Sweden’s “reddest town,” remaining in the top flight of Swedish football; and then the season-related texts about winter sports: bobsled, Nordic combined, downhill skiing, and ski jumping. I also interviewed Steinunn Thora Arnadottir of Iceland‘s Left-Green Movement, and wrote an article about Finland’s “Santa Claus Village” for junge Welt‘s Christmas edition (yes, even communist dailies have them). Another article on sports appeared in the monthly ak: I was invited to voice my opinion on the “diplomatic boycott” of the Beijing Olympics.

The interview I did with Jyoti Mishra for the DIY Conspiracy Vol. X zine is now also online. Jyoti is great!

With few new publications, there’s plenty of space to recommend other things:

The UmeƄ local of my union, the SAC, has released a book about syndicalism in both Swedish and English. The English version is titled Swedish Syndicalism: An Outline of Its Ideology and Practice. It can be downloaded here. My understanding of syndicalism might be a little different, but hey, we are no sectarians here!

Sticking to syndicalism: friends in Bulgaria have a new syndicalist group, Kon-flikt; their website contains information and articles in English.

Still somewhat related to syndicalism: Roman Danyluk has come out with a great new book about the Bavarian Revolution in German: Unter sticht Ober. Eine Sozialgeschichte der bayerischen Revolution 1918/19. Highly recommended for everyone who has an interest in the era and reads German.

Finally, I was pleased to have a text of mine reviewed on an endearing podcast dedicated to zines, aptly named Zine Zone. The text, “Violence Sells, But Who’s Buying?”, was originally published online as a review of Peter Gelderloos‘s book The Failure of Nonviolence, but folks from Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia turned it into a zine. That’s how it qualified for the program. Neat.

Back in a month. Stay safe!