February 2023

Welcome! Newsletter 26.

Still keeping up with the monthly review doubleheaders. Both reviews this month are on the shorter side, but hey, I’m not getting paid by the word. “Colorwashing Black Metal” looks at Black Metal Rainbows, the originally titled “Warrior” at The Mohawk Warrior Society.

Thanks for the feedback I received regarding the playlists I uploaded last month (see the widget on the right below). Overall kind and positive, but I’ve been called out for suggesting the Geile Diebe cover of “American Pie” was not superior to the original. Well, go ahead and judge for yourself!

Last month in junge Welt. Sports pages: Mikaela Shiffrin, luge world championships, Australian Open (tennis). Other: finding of huge reserve of rare-earth elements in Kiruna, Sweden; Swedish docu series on the Red Army Faction siege of the German embassy in Stockholm 1975; feature on the militarization of Sápmi in connection with Sweden and Finland’s application for NATO membership; Sámi film festival Skábmagovat in Inari/Aanaar, Finland; Turkish president Erdoğan messing with Sweden (with regard to the NATO membership application).

Not much other writing, but my article “Anarchismus oder die Utopie eines herrschaftsfreien Lebens”, published by the magazine Kulturelemente in December, has been uploaded online by the magazine Salto. Both hail from South Tyrol, oh the sentimentality.

Less writing, more talking. I was a guest on the podcast The Assistant Professor of Football and appeared twice on video. First, in a conversation about insurrectionalism with the German video podcast 99 ZU EINS, then in a talk on “Antifa Football” I was invited to do by the A-ryhmä collevtive in Helsinki, Finland. Both recordings were memorable experiences in their own ways. The 99 ZU EINS conversation was interesting, but I felt a self-identified insurrectionalist should have been there. I shared much of the host’s criticism of insurrectionalism and felt uncomfortable when asked to explain how insurrectionalists reasonn about certain things (I don’t know). But 99 ZU EINS is a great project and I felt honored to be a guest. The Helsinki thing was a little challenging, because of technical difficulties (my favorite!). After we had finally got started, I had to start all over again ten minutes into the talk since the audio on the livestream wasn’t working (I believe). So it was particularly nice when some folks who run a radical gym in Helsinki got in touch afterwards to share some thoughts. Apparently, the talk will be uploaded at some point; if that happens, I’ll share the link here.

There is an interesting discussion about my article “Stop Mucking About: Catechisms, Straight Edge, and Why It’s Not as Bad as It Sounds” on the ANews podcast no. 289 (starting at about 32 minutes).

Attention, attention! Phoenix X Eeyore, who brought us the fabulous Total Revolution? An Outsider History Of Hardline, has uploaded a kind of DIY academic anthology titled Addiction and Ecology (including a couple of texts by yours truly, very kind). And there is a campaign to honor John Fashanu, the first professional soccer player who came out as gay (unfortunately, with tragic personal consequences) with a statue.

More next month. Stay safe!