May 2023

Welcome! Newsletter 29.

New review, Kersplebedeb once again, this time J. Sakai, The Shape of Things to Come.

Other than that, I’m afraid new writing is limited to German readers. Standard outlet, junge Welt. In sports: women’s ice hockey world championships, the new guard in men’s tennis, tennis vs. pickleball, the 1993 knife attack on Monica Seles. In foreign affairs: Finnish elections, Austrian social democrats looking for a new leader (and direction).

Some of my texts on (post)anarchism were translated into Russian for a little booklet titled “Post-Anarchism without the Tinted Glasses”. I’m not sure which ones, but if I find out, it’ll give me an excuse to mention the pamphlet a second time on this blog. Grand!

Speaking of second (third?) times: There’s now a PDF with the conversation on anarchism I had with Matt Wilson for the latest issue of Anarchist Studies.

I also appear in a German pamphlet titled Organisatorische Fragen. It’s brief, but I had a little exchange with the authors and they asked if they could use some quotes. Sure thing.

Another PDF you might want to check out is a response I received from Eric Laursen to my review of his book The Operating System: An Anarchist Theory of the Modern State. I recommend looking into it, Eric pointed out some shortcomings he found in my text.

One excuse for the rather modest original output this month is that I spent its first week in Hamburg attending a conference on the Kurdish Revolution. An interesting event in many ways, and banned from the university at the last minute. But it all worked out well, can’t stop the movement! I also got to hang for the first time in years with the mighty Ramsey Kanaan, my publisher at PM Press. It was a pleasure.

Our friends at Riseup are doing another fundraiser. There are much worse places to put some money into.

More next month. Stay safe!