June 2022

Welcome! Newsletter 18.

The biggest news this month is: I am done with the German translation of Torkil Lauesen‘s The Global Perspective. Hooray! It’s a long book. The finishing touches didn’t leave time for much else, which entails a slight disappointment for everyone desperately awaiting the next review on this site – not this month, but one of the coming ones. Promise!

In the beginning of May, I went for a trip to Austria where I partook in two discussions about alternatives to the football-industrial complex and gave two presentations of my book Die Linke in Schweden. The one from Graz can be listened to online thanks to the great people at Radio Helsinki.

After returning from Austria, I went to Gävle for the congress of my union, the SAC. We only have a congress every four years, so it was a fairly big event. We had guests from Mexico (Comunidad de Flores Magón), Spain (CGT), and Germany (FAU). There are nice articles, with good photos, about the congress in Swedish and Spanish. With one of our German visitors I did an interview for Radio Blau in Leipzig; it was both about the congress and Sweden’s application for NATO membership, which has made headlines worldwide. I also wrote a piece about this for the German monthly ak.

Did some football writing for ak about my favorite club, Sweden’s Degerfors IF. For the sports pages of junge Welt, I managed two articles, a historical reflection on the ban of Russian and Belarusian players at Wimbledon, and a preview of the French Open (now, we’re talking tennis).

Not much other writing this month, but my article “Warum Anarchokommunismus?” has been included in a pamphlet titled Was ist Anarchismus?, published by Syndikat-A. I’ve also been told that a Counterpunch piece I wrote a couple of years ago with Sebastian Friedrich about “A New Class Politics” was translated into Bulgarian for Anarchosaprotiva magazine. I’m not sure if it’s online, but a copy of the magazine is said to be on its way!

Spanish readers can read a two-part interview about, hmm, all sorts of things really, in Todo Por Hacer (part one and two), and an interview about pirates in, that’s right, the Spanish edition of GQ magazine (as my publisher told me, Horse & Hound will be next), due to the fact that the Spanish edition of Life Under the Jolly Roger seems to attract a bit of attention. Sweet.

More next month. Stay safe!